Lies, Lies, Lies

It is so easy to believe everything you hear. Especially from renowned, “credible” news sources. We should be careful to separate the wheat from the chaff because rumors and misinformation circulates around the world easily through money-hungry media and selective-hearing folks who enjoy gossip. CNN’s Lou Dobbs is among the most responsible for spreading lies and myths about immigrants—and Latinos as a whole. CNN obviously condones this, but contrarily support Hispanic Americans, with their token Latino newscasters , CNN Español, and Special Edition: Latino in America.

Last month, Halloween stores,, and Target were selling “Illegal Alien” costumes complete with an orange prison jumpsuit and greencard— although they seemed to have removed the handlebar mustache. This is our stereotype of immigrants because we like to think of them all as illegal and Latino. Or terrorists. Watch this video and get the facts checked on the media’s—specifically Lou Dobbs—statements of immigrants.
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