Still Trying

I had the experience of living a semester in Uganda where the biggest thing I learned was the most unexpected: poverty, true poverty that exists all around, is further beyond anything I could ever know. That following semester in college, I participated in a “poverty retreat” with my Community Development class—a mere 36 hour simulation of  poverty. I really wish more people could underestimate their experiences more. Glorifying in our ministry or showing off our sacrifice is like fixing something with a broken tool. It is in homeless campouts, poverty retreats, and short term mission trips that we often make it more about ourselves than about others—contrary to what it should be. The most valuable thing we can get from these events is just knowing that we could never really know what it’s like.

But should we not try?

[Read Shannon Moriarty: “Why You Can’t ‘Experience’ Homelessness in One Night”. She writes: A one-night camping experience can never replicate the stress, fear, pain, loss of pride, and loss of hope that often coincides with being homeless.” Amen.]
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