There is always an ethnic group that society hates the most–a sad reality, indeed. Americans, for the most part, cannot stand Mexicans. I’m always hearing racial slurs about them. People say awful things about them right in front of me, even though I could be Mexican. They don’t give a shit. Why? They have dehumanized them, and that’s made plain by the words they use and how they’re used. Check out my word web I created to show the connotations of the word “Mexican” and the most commonly associated words:

Least of all people think of them as human beings. If people were to think of them as human beings first they wouldn’t call them “illegals” (as my old college friend did on Facebook chat today–grr) and would actually think about why they’re here at all and how we can help them as people. No one wants to risk their lives to come into a country where living standards for them is slightly better and respect is much lower–obviously it’s a picture of how bleak things are for many people in other countries.

Interestingly, people have come to think:   Hispanic=Mexican=immigrant=illegal=immigrant=Mexican=Hispanic. Of course there is no such thing as an “illegal alien” from Norway or Sweden.

I love “The Office” for many reasons, but “Diversity Day” has to be one of the best episodes. I love the line “Um, let me ask you is there a term besides ‘Mexican’ that you prefer? Something less offensive?”

Sad how “Mexican” has become a bad word for so many people…

  1. This blog's a great idea. What a great opportunity to share ideas and represent those living in an atmosphere of injustice and dehumanization. Keep this up!

  1. May 17th, 2010

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