Hormones Make Me Feel Bad

A friend used to say he could predict when I was getting my period based on my mood. If I suddenly became upset about something, perhaps even cried, he’d rub my back and say “aw, you’re just PMSing”. Like Clair Huxtable, I want to snap back, “a woman is entitled to have a mood, any mood at all, be it a happy one, sad, or angry, and they can have it at any time at all and for absolutely no reason, understand?”

Today I totally blew up. Frustrated from a day of work, bad transportation, poor relationship issues, while undergoing yet another battle with my faith, I lost my cool when I got home. Yes, I cried, too. I yelled! I punched things. A few hours later, I got my period. Suddenly, that makes me feel like all those feelings and struggles are invalidated.

Yet, perhaps it is that hormones allow me to express it the way I really feel it instead of being an exaggeration or excuse. My theory is that all the non-PMS times of the month I am emotionally controlled yet suppressed. It’s minimized emotions. But when the period comes, I express my emotions to their degree.

“And if it wasn’t for Aunt Flow, there would be no uncles!”

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