The Underground Chinese Church and its Religious Propaganda

Article Transcript:

Today, the Japanese ambassador visited Tencent Inc. He asked Tencent to prevent internet users in China from cursing Japan. What’s more, they scolded the Chinese people as begin cowards, not joining forced. Tencent flatly refused. Tencent and small Japan made a bet that if this is forwarded to 400,000 people in 2 month’s time, Japan will owe China an apology. Wish that family and friends will persevere for our country!
bayoneting of 3 year old baby. [Picture]
Carving out the leg muscles of a Chinese soldier. [Picture]
[Picture] Falling off of a beheaded head. Numerous such shots had to
be taken to obtain this picture.
[Picture] Chinese mother still clutching on her baby after her head was
chopped off by Japanese soldier.
[Picture] The notoriouspoisonous gas experiment
What crime had the children committed?! [Picture]
[Picture] What else could I say? They were all innocent children!
Only Japanese soldiers could wash down the heart of a martyr with sake. [Picture]
Scalding with acid. Torture? Experiment? [Picture]
This was only a baby of three! [Picture]
[Picture] Chinese woman mutilated after raped. (intestine pulled out)
[Picture] Young girl tied up & raped.
Another female martyr. [Picture]
[Picture] Even pregnant women were round off for army prostitutes
I am also a human being!! [Picture]
So proud of his work! [Picture]
I cannot understand why young Chinese girls still crazy for Japanese
actors nowadays! [Picture]
The proud accomplishment of the Japanese soldier! [Picture] They never realized they were to be used as life targets!
[Picture] Practicing on life Chinese civilians as targets!
[Picture] This was Japanese Bushido!
For movie scenes—use real Chinese corpses. [Picture]
[Picture] Real Chinese tragedy of the 20th century.
[Picture] Her last wish was not to be a Chinese in her next life.
[Picture] What are you thinking, soldier?
[Picture] Only the head of a Chinese officer could exchange for money.
Don’t cry. This is only bayonet practice! [Picture]
Head show 1. [Picture] Head show 2—how I hate to be Chinese! [Picture]
Bodies of Chinese civilians piled along the Yangtze River River. [Picture]
[Picture] Japanese soldiers enjoyed watching kill, burn, pillage & rape.
[Picture] Executing these war criminals 10,000 times would not atone
for their sins. In fact many Japanese nowadays still honour
them as their national heroes. Until they acknowledge the war
crimes of these criminals as the Germans did, the gulf
between Japan & China can never be bridged!
[Picture] Head show 3.

PDF Version: WWII Japanese in China

My Response:

These people are victims of a violent and torturous crime, not of their choice for any religious affiliation. They were innocent victims chosen for where they (and probably many past generations) lived, an uncontrollable circumstance. Yet, this “apostle” seeks to cheapen the reality of the slaughter as religious propaganda. It does a disservice to these victims and their families, the Chinese people and diminishes the severity of what happened.

I hesitate to accept the words of anyone who would attempt to misuse the abuses of history for their cause. I consider it equally distasteful to draw a correlation to Japanese pop idols of today. Christianity is a religion of peace and forgiveness that does not have any room for hate messages motivating this document. It feels akin to the acceptance of white supremacy in churches during the American Civil War.

This document is only a political message of hate masking itself as religious propaganda. This is an example of perverting Christ’s statement: “Give to God what is God’s and give to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Of course, I also believe in the combination of the Chinese Church rather than the continued (and American-assisted) segregation between the underground churches vs. the Three-Self Church. I, of course, say this as one who attended the Three-Self in the province with the highest population of Christians in China.

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