Movie Recommendation

I recently watched the 1967 Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? with Katherine Hepburn, which was unexpectedly fantastic. It’s an underestimated film, a little ahead of its time. I say this because although the story itself is a little far-fetched (the couple has less than 24 hours to get the blessings from their parents before they marry), the acting was advanced and brought me into the story. Usually, characters in classic films like this don’t captivate me or make me feel connected to them, but I thought the characters, particularly John Prentice, Matt Drayton, and Christina Drayton were very natural and thus likable characters. Sidney Poitier who played John Prentice was hopefully recognized for his authentic acting. I liked the story and the comical twists that kept arising, and the strong message undertone. It’s just a movie I highly recommend to those who enjoy classic films, social issues, and light comedy rolled in one perfect little film. (Well, OK, not perfect. The issue with the maid never resolved–kind of irritating when they do that!)

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