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WE Demand Oil

It occurred to me today while watching a local morning news coverage on fuel alternatives that the world’s problem with oil is that it really is about power. It isn’t about preserving our natural resources or creating a more sustainable future for our children, but it’s about who gets the most oil in their possession. I don’t even know how gas makes a car run and I sure think it’s pure ingenuity that those people way-back-in-the-day figured out how to use a liquid substance like gas and make a car go. Yet we’ve come a long way from those early crank-up automobiles and we’ve figured out a lot more things–including alternatives for gas and oil. We really have! But today I realized that it doesn’t seem like we’ve really found anything because it isn’t popular and not really on the market yet. Why not? Well, as necessity brought about the invention of the automobile, the invention of the automobile has created a necessity for oil (and we’re not talking about just for cars and trucks).  OIL is on demand, which is why the government isn’t willing to give it up, and why corporations are not going to switch to selling algae. What can we do about this?


Seattle, Queen of Green!

I know that this blog site has been a place where my friend and I can rant and rage about our frustrations (at least that’s what it has sort of turned into), but I finally have something positive to share with you! Today all Seattle restaurants (from taco trucks to big restaurants) will be using either recyclable or compostable take out dishes and boxes according to the new law. This should apparently save 6,000 tons of waste per year!

I also heard that Seattle is first in the entire North American continent to establish this law (but I heard it on the TV and I can’t find sources). Regardless, I am happy.

It Ain’t Easy Being Green

One of the reasons I was happy to move away from Berkeley was to get away from the environmental snobs, however moving to Seattle wasn’t  far enough. I guess going green is the new black. Don’t get me wrong–I am excited that people are getting on board with environmentally  conscious lifestyles…I’m just not a fan of the elitism it promotes.

Really, a lot of the “green” products are out of the price range for normal folks who live paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet. Yes, we would all love to save the planet (and we try in our own ways) but to be buying organic food at four times the cost it is at the discount supermarket is just unfair. It would be fantastic to eat better locally grown food, but if I had that kind of money to spend, I’d also be the person buying myself a latte every morning. This is just what most of the world faces: how we can get by today. We just don’t have that kind of money to support eco-friendly products.

Then I wonder why these products are so expensive, since they are made from natural and renewable sources anyway. Not that global warming is a gimmick created by money-monger corporations, but from the eyes of a penny-pincher, it seems to me that these corporations are using our degrading environmental state as a marketing tool to earn more business. They obviously cater to the elite who already have the money to spend on these products and totally exclude the rest of the population. Ah-hem…if we want to make this world a better place, shouldn’t we make that affordable for let’s say…the majority of our citizens? Instead, no. The result is that it creates a greater status gap between the rich and the poor, the elite and the little guy.