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Silly Politics! You Make Me Laugh

Over the past few years, I’ve been increasing my interest in politics because I have learned that it not only involves every aspect of my life but it has also replaced my need for superficial reality TV. I was all about Sarah Palin in 2008 because she supplied comedy for me on a regular basis (nothing gets better than real life stupidity—jokes are just redundant). In politics, the jokes just keep coming: a couple religious men are making decisions on women’s health (so funny, because they think it’s still 1943!), rich politicians saying they can relate to average Americans (it’s like when Pepé Le Pew doesn’t realize he’s a skunk), and best of all, middle class Americans really believe these guys. Like, who on earth actually wants to support rich White men become richer and more oppressive?

Sociology has a lot to say about this. It’s called social identity theory (SIT)and you better watch out for it or it might bite you! According to SIT, people tend to classify themselves into different social categories (known as in-groups), which by association yields people to in-group pressures. Everyone is susceptible to this and it can get pretty nasty. It’s essentially the foundation of racism where people start associating themselves in one social category and build up their self-esteem by making positive statements about their in-group. Their association enables them to blindly follow whatever their in-group says and believes, even if it is wrong or hurts them as members of the in-group. Examples of this are the Nazi party and the Hutus in Rwanda. In the U.S., our group associations haven’t gotten us that far but I can clearly see SIT coming to life before my very eyes when I see how many of the conservative Americans are supporting politicians who aren’t offering them any help. In fact, many of these politicians have several plans to hurt their supporters, like raising their taxes and withdrawing healthcare coverage. These guys are not in our best interests, yet we support them anyway.

I love the interview Jon Stewart has with Bruce Bartlett about lowering the tax on the rich while raising the taxes for everyone else. Jon asks rhetorically, “Who does that appeal to? What is that even politically aimed at?” Bruce responds by saying it doesn’t make logical sense. Seriously, the best source of comedy is politics. What isn’t funny about Americans supporting plutocracy?


I Hate Time-Limited Military Actions

As much as I still love and uphold the Obama Administration, I am losing my faith that he would make things different in the Oval Office. I still want—and do—put my support in him for the many ways he has and hopefully will bring about change in our country, but this time-limited, scope-limited military action on Libya frightens me a little. I’m not a fan of war (or war by any other name—not even “military action”). I’m just not a fan.

What? It’s about supporting democratic movements and human freedom, you say? It’s a human rights issue? I’m down with that. If our government is really that passionate about helping other nations then let’s go to North Korea, the Ivory Coast, and why not Albania? After all, these countries have been battling for their human rights for decades and have endured a whole lot more than Libya. President Obama even tried to support this action by bringing up Rwanda, as if that was going to prove his point that it’s not about the three letter word we all know it is. Nice try, really, almost had me if it weren’t for the fact that all these countries I just mentioned—including Rwanda—don’t have anything close to oil.

So, we all know it’s not just about human freedom. It’s a convenient token to use for public persuasion and I have to admit—pretty clever. But it it’s oddly too similar to Bush for me to buy it. Take a look at a side by side comparison of our two Presidents:

Disheartening, isn’t it? Unbelievable. I really thought we were headed for change, but Obama is giving into the pressures of power, greed,  and from the American corporations… just like those other guys.

No Health Insurance for Victims of Domestic Violence OR Sexual Assault OR Stalking???

by Sporadicwriter

By the provision and grace of God, I now am able to receive my own health insurance coverage! Yet there are so many different others who are not as fortunate as I. Pilfering through the entries, you will notice that Contrariwise has already made a post on the new healthcare reform policy titled, “Healthcare And Illegal Aliens.”

Upon my weekly reading of news on today, I found an article about health insurance policies for domestic violence victims. As I have had prior experience in the field of domestic violence and am also passionate about women’s health (specifically Breast Cancer Awareness), I became understandably drawn to this article.

I have never been aware of the existence of discrimination against domestic violence victims by health insurance companies. Although, it makes sense now that I think about it. They rack up the premiums for even the simplest things, why wouldn’t they do so with individuals who have severe and life-threatening injuries inflicted upon them resulting in ER hospitalization? To require high premiums is understandable, but to DENY insurance to anyone receiving these often life-threatening injuries lacks too much compassion, particularly for an agency dedicated to the wellness of individuals in our society.

People with all different types of cancer and terminal illnesses can receive insurance aid. Granted, their premiums are racked up to the highest extent, but they receive it. Why can’t someone who has been beaten and hospitalized in the ER?

I also disagree with the practices that have occurred in years past, and am glad to see them MOSTLY behind us. The article states that the only ways in which insurance companies are able to discover the occurrence of domestic violence and sexual assault upon its potential subscribers is to research themselves. They research into the different diagnoses, staff comments, victim statements, police reports, etc. Even in years past and gone from memory, this article indicates an unforgivable memory on the part of the insurance companies.

Thankfully, most states have already banned this practice according to association membership. However, there are still about five states that continue this practice. One of them is my dear South Dakota, in which I have made partnerships again sexual violence, and another is the capital of the United States of America, Washington DC. How can we have or become aware of change, if our capital itself refuses to look the widespread effects of this plague on our society?

I do not remember the percentage, but domestic violence injuries are among the most commonly treated within the ER. There are now even specific questions asked during intake screenings to account for the sexual assault forensic tests necessary for prosecution. So, why is it that 10% of the United States of America ignores the impact of these situations upon society? Why is it that we are once again blaming the victims for what happened to them?

The article says that the evidence and information regarding its effects on the victim and on society are there. Health insurance companies who are blind to it must be simply ignoring them. Is this true? What can we really do to bring awareness of the need for change to these companies when they are purposefully ignoring those most deeply in need of their services?

This article, although not surprising to me as one who has had to deal with willful ignorance toward domestic violence, outrages and upsets me. Are women so debased within our minds that we choose to ignore their cries? Deep down in our hearts, do we really care what happens to a such a significant part of our population, to our life-givers?

Women are people too. They deserve equal treatment. Throughout history, the Woman has survived through various trials and sufferings at the hand of the greater society. She has been brutalized and victimized by the man she loved and thought loved her. We, as professionals dedicated to the welfare and well-being of each individual in society, should look upon her and provide for her needs on a holistic level (healthcare, emotional support, pharmaceutical aid, financial support, public aid, etc.) rather than blame her for being a victim and for doing what is best for her to stay alive. Only she knows and we cannot judge that for ourselves, for we can never have all the facts.

According to Obama, his new healthcare reform will incorporation the support of healthcare to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Therefore, as federal law, all health insurance companies will be required to provide insurance to victims of domestic violence past, present and future. There is no indication of stipulations regarding premiums as this is and will always remain at the liberty of the insurance companies. It might be wracked up as high as even a terminal illness, but that can be worked out in lobbying afterwards. The key point Obama has made is that victims, whether of forced migration or torture in other forms (such as domestic violence), all have the right and privilege to health coverage. To do any less, is inhumane.
Go Obama!

The moral of the story: Health Insurance for Victims of Domestic Violence!!

Health Care and Undocumented Immigrants

People say they’re not racist, but that’s not true. A lot of people honestly say that because they do not know what racism is. Racism, broadly defined by Webster’s dictionary is “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”* More specifically, racism as defined by one of my anthropology books is “discrimination against an ethnic group assumed to have a biological basis.”** There are racist people everywhere.

It’s obvious there is a lot of racism in our country because immigration and border control is a touchy subject for many of us U.S. residents. While I support a tighter border, I do not support discrimination against any person in this country–that includes health care. There are just some things which should remain absolute rights, such as education and health. No one, for any reason, should be denied these things. I hear from the same people who want to go to Africa to provide clean water and vaccines say they do not want immigrants living here illegally receiving any sort of health care…even if they buy it. As a human race, we are all responsible or taking care of each other and the world. If our wealthy nation cannot permit undocumented immigrants to purchase their own health insurance so that they can live, then what does that say about our “Christian” nation? What does it say about our morals and beliefs? Where is the love?

I can imagine that many people who read this still do not understand how this ties into racism. Should I provide another helpful dictionary definition? Prejudice: “Devaluing (looking down on) a group because of its assumed behavior, values, capabilities, or attributes.”**  “To injure or damage by some judgment or action.”* Prejudice, as we see with those who oppose the new health care plan because it aids illegal immigrants, is the action of racism. I am sure that still doesn’t click for some people who are reading this. If that is the case, my advice is to think about it more. Really try to understand what this means and understand your actions and how they tie into your beliefs—which are likely to be subliminal. Think first before you act. Readjust if you need to.

For more info on the health care plan go to:
You can read the PDF version of the entire bill here:

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