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I Hate Time-Limited Military Actions

As much as I still love and uphold the Obama Administration, I am losing my faith that he would make things different in the Oval Office. I still want—and do—put my support in him for the many ways he has and hopefully will bring about change in our country, but this time-limited, scope-limited military action on Libya frightens me a little. I’m not a fan of war (or war by any other name—not even “military action”). I’m just not a fan.

What? It’s about supporting democratic movements and human freedom, you say? It’s a human rights issue? I’m down with that. If our government is really that passionate about helping other nations then let’s go to North Korea, the Ivory Coast, and why not Albania? After all, these countries have been battling for their human rights for decades and have endured a whole lot more than Libya. President Obama even tried to support this action by bringing up Rwanda, as if that was going to prove his point that it’s not about the three letter word we all know it is. Nice try, really, almost had me if it weren’t for the fact that all these countries I just mentioned—including Rwanda—don’t have anything close to oil.

So, we all know it’s not just about human freedom. It’s a convenient token to use for public persuasion and I have to admit—pretty clever. But it it’s oddly too similar to Bush for me to buy it. Take a look at a side by side comparison of our two Presidents:

Disheartening, isn’t it? Unbelievable. I really thought we were headed for change, but Obama is giving into the pressures of power, greed,  and from the American corporations… just like those other guys.